About Marcus


Hello! Marcus Cohen here and I am head coordinator for foreign affairs and research here at your Italian libretto guide.

Having been married for ten wonderful years, and the father of two children, one five, and one two years old, I am living what many would call the American dream after graduating from UCLA for Business management.

I love my life, and I love my wife, haha kinda rhymes doesn’t it? I love the artistic and creative freedom of expression that I have and can display through my blogs and writings and I trust that my enthusiasm is transmitted through every word that you read.

Why do I write about this wonderful country?

Italy is big business, and historically so. To love and to be loved are two deep desires and cravings for the human soul and we live our life on a mission to fill it up with what we believe or understand what Italian culture is.

Traveling is very real, I’m sure all of us adults can draw back to an experience when we felt the pain of losing either true Love for Italy, or what we perceived as love due to our intimate connection with that place called home.

Nevertheless I make it my business to make sure that you are ready for that next step when you make falling in Love with Italy your business, and my staff and I are ready with ample resources to inform, educate, and prepare you for that journey regardless of what she you are.

Congrats and get ready for a new beginning..