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Dramatic Art


Italian Art.

Culture and history are some of the factors that make someone believe in the beauty of art in it’s wholeness.  Otherwise they have some kind of blocks or barriers that makes them feel incapable of feeling. I’m telling this for you know, Unless an art hater is ready to be reformed into loving then they will never receive the fact that what they’re projecting onto you is coming from their own issues.

That because they don’t know how to deal with what’s going on inside of them internally then Although you may be doing something admirable and rising up reaching your aspirations and hitting your goals then they would respond with jealousy manifested in Accusations false lies just spending time trying to tear you down because they don’t know that you are not limiting them from coming up.

They somehow have wrapped themselves into believing this false illusion that if You are making progress in beautifying your life’s picture, then that means that they can’t be and they don’t know that they can. And they also do not see that the very negative attitude that they hold towards your success is limiting their life and holding them back.

A big part of the problem

is that the majority of dramatic art haters are not trying to go anywhere anyways which is in itself a reflection of the insecurities that surface When they see someone coming up in the world especially that person came from where they came from and started from where they started from yet are having different results.

Are Italian cars better for the road?

hand attaching jumper cable on automobile battery

In the world of international cars and vehicles, our question that we want to pose is are Italian cars made better for the road?

And we can take our first drive by our instincts alone that’s the first step then we have to be able to steer to be able to continue testing this growing theory within the automotive enthusiast community .

I mean stepping out in the style of wheels that was designed by our team of highly expertise automotive consultants and engineers Ready and fully equipped to get you right at any time that you need me to show up sharp Ready to help you find what you are looking for in to add more flavor to the essence of what you are bringing to the driveway.

Well simply speaking in America there’s extra costs associated with

dealing with International cars

due to the cost it takes to ship the parts, which is why we’re proud to be affiliated with a great company that you can call for affordable and cheap prices.

Just have faith in yourself, don’t look back, your not going back there, only remember the lessons from the losses and let em carve you into bosses.

Best foot forward step onto the car lot slinging and swaying, fluent and centered with a balance and a poise that fills your presence and impresses the room with a pleasant yet fearless and inconquerable essence with an aura with deep radiance and comforting vibes that flow from a subconscious understanding of being comfortable and secure in your own skin and flowing confidently and intentionally with your environment Which of the blue to not be the case if I got a car from one of the competitors therefore needing help with my car on the side of the road.

You can actually detach from the horrible thing that man just having like the time while I locked my keys in the car and was able to still see the beauty around

Taking a second to smell the roses as your pass them by, inhale the fresh crisp air, deep breath, exhale, the day is fresh.

The Italian Opera

Comical portrayal of 'Brunnhilde' from Wagner's opera Die Walkure

La la la laaaaaaaaaa..

Italy is the origination destination for a wealth of music that the world enjoys today.

See when you have these great individuals who rise up in their level of performance whatever it may be coming out onto the stage with their passion and gifts and philosophies.

You get an exclusive look at what makes that individual tick what is the fuel to their fire what makes them who they are. And as we know your life and the outlook of what it is, is dependent upon what is going on in your musical state of affairs.

The peaceful qualities of soothing opera

There is an ancient Greek word Eirene which was also one of the Greek goddesses who was named that but that word means peace. The harvest is plenteous for the seeds sown in the fertile soil of a balanced and peaceful mind.

Now with all this talk about peace let’s not be under the illusion that we’re not living in the world that we are and its state. Even though yes we are and should be progressively working towards a peaceful world. Our immediate job is to find the promise of peace that we have access to in our life in this lifetime.

So whether we are in the cup or in the kettle, we as being the water are able to go with the flow of our environments, merge with the contours of our surroundings, and find our own place among the stars that have shone down onto our path.

Italian Mastiff


You’re playing with the Big Dogs now.

The Italian mastiff bulldog is a good type of breed of dog that is normally very grossly built be very huge in size and it is original and native to Italy.

Now if you’re much of a dog lover or not you can understand that there’s some breeds and species of dogs that are very rare and therefore increased in value and price.

Now the Italian mastiff is a breed of dog that looks very similar to the regular Bulldogs when you see the characteristics and common features such as the droopy face the saggy skin and what not.

Everyone has different tastes different preferences in different Strokes as to how they can identify the cuteness within the animal, me myself even as the writer find these dogs some more comical to look at.

A man’s best friend.

And as we continue to open up conversations pertaining to everything Italian whether by culture with a view music whether the Arts whether it be  obviously animals as well.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend because of his unending loyalty is unbiased love and his ability to be taught and learned.

Now the style of dog that the Italian mastiff is not necessary for everyone unless they can find it cute to see is comical sloppy but fluffy face.

And so what we do want to propose here even in this blog is to consider of the Italian Mastiff and show love to italy if you are looking to get a dog soon.

The Italian connection


From the mountains, to the foot hills, to the waterways of Italy.

Italy is known for many beautiful contributions to music art literature and travel tourism etcetera.

Now the mission and the responsibility that we assume here at our company is connecting you to the land of the great Italy.

Many of those who have seen the country of Italy on a map with associated with the boot that it is shaped as.

Looking like a high heel women size 11 and a half which is very consistent with the position that Italy as within the footwear and the fashion industry as a whole.

We are an Italian publication.

Who is storage we mainly communicated through the main language that is native to our country which is Italian but now so moving ahead with our online presents opening up to English speaking visitors.

As a matter of fact if you went back a number of years to the history of our website you might find that a little bit of what the contents of the website is a little hard to understand and discern.

And therefore we felt that it was not fair to our English speaking visitors to be able to just exclude them from the beauty of what Italy is in can be for them.

We are more than just spaghetti and meatballs in penne and noodles and all these other kind of things that people like to disassociate with Italy and we are going to share that through our blogs and writings in our publications here