Dramatic Art


Italian Art.

Culture and history are some of the factors that make someone believe in the beauty of art in it’s wholeness.  Otherwise they have some kind of blocks or barriers that makes them feel incapable of feeling. I’m telling this for you know, Unless an art hater is ready to be reformed into loving then they will never receive the fact that what they’re projecting onto you is coming from their own issues.

That because they don’t know how to deal with what’s going on inside of them internally then Although you may be doing something admirable and rising up reaching your aspirations and hitting your goals then they would respond with jealousy manifested in Accusations false lies just spending time trying to tear you down because they don’t know that you are not limiting them from coming up.

They somehow have wrapped themselves into believing this false illusion that if You are making progress in beautifying your life’s picture, then that means that they can’t be and they don’t know that they can. And they also do not see that the very negative attitude that they hold towards your success is limiting their life and holding them back.

A big part of the problem

is that the majority of dramatic art haters are not trying to go anywhere anyways which is in itself a reflection of the insecurities that surface When they see someone coming up in the world especially that person came from where they came from and started from where they started from yet are having different results.

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