Italy’s hip hop connection


Hip hop music and urban culture has grown in it’s international accreditation and popularity.

Whether you are looking for some beats to go hit the both to try your skills at rapping and see if your rhymes will carry any weight in front of the guys at your music gathering.

Or even if you need to buckle up tight to go and break some ankles and teach (or learn) some lessons on the basketball courts at your community YMCA just to stay in shape and keep your skills sharp.

Or maybe you have spent the last year warming the bench in the dugout and you worked relentlessly on your pitching throughout the summer and now you are ready to show em what you got from behind the tape on the mound.

And then there’s some of us who are more or less,,, actually less musically inclined and more so find urban influence your style for fashion reasons.

Ever since its inception the hip-hop culture has taken root all over the world due to its spirited nature and raw energy

Let me be the one to tell you and irrevocably assure you that whatever the reason that you are a fan of the hip hop culture, you are appreciated, welcomed, and the reason why rap has become a powerhouse in international music and culture.

Be on the lookout for new projects, and new products for the upcoming year as we have working hard to bring fresh new ideas and inspiration to this hip hop game..

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