The Italian connection


From the mountains, to the foot hills, to the waterways of Italy.

Italy is known for many beautiful contributions to music art literature and travel tourism etcetera.

Now the mission and the responsibility that we assume here at our company is connecting you to the land of the great Italy.

Many of those who have seen the country of Italy on a map with associated with the boot that it is shaped as.

Looking like a high heel women size 11 and a half which is very consistent with the position that Italy as within the footwear and the fashion industry as a whole.

We are an Italian publication.

Who is storage we mainly communicated through the main language that is native to our country which is Italian but now so moving ahead with our online presents opening up to English speaking visitors.

As a matter of fact if you went back a number of years to the history of our website you might find that a little bit of what the contents of the website is a little hard to understand and discern.

And therefore we felt that it was not fair to our English speaking visitors to be able to just exclude them from the beauty of what Italy is in can be for them.

We are more than just spaghetti and meatballs in penne and noodles and all these other kind of things that people like to disassociate with Italy and we are going to share that through our blogs and writings in our publications here