The Italian Opera

Comical portrayal of 'Brunnhilde' from Wagner's opera Die Walkure

La la la laaaaaaaaaa..

Italy is the origination destination for a wealth of music that the world enjoys today.

See when you have these great individuals who rise up in their level of performance whatever it may be coming out onto the stage with their passion and gifts and philosophies.

You get an exclusive look at what makes that individual tick what is the fuel to their fire what makes them who they are. And as we know your life and the outlook of what it is, is dependent upon what is going on in your musical state of affairs.

The peaceful qualities of soothing opera

There is an ancient Greek word Eirene which was also one of the Greek goddesses who was named that but that word means peace. The harvest is plenteous for the seeds sown in the fertile soil of a balanced and peaceful mind.

Now with all this talk about peace let’s not be under the illusion that we’re not living in the world that we are and its state. Even though yes we are and should be progressively working towards a peaceful world. Our immediate job is to find the promise of peace that we have access to in our life in this lifetime.

So whether we are in the cup or in the kettle, we as being the water are able to go with the flow of our environments, merge with the contours of our surroundings, and find our own place among the stars that have shone down onto our path.

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